your face is a roadmap of all the misery
it's ever weathered and i'm the same way too
i'm the same way too

your eyes are like to beady pools of brine
i could stare at them for hours but i
just don't have the time

and who would claim you as their own
and who would take you to their home

downtime gets bearable with wine
just helps to take my mind off things
i don't really think it's a crime

my bones are crumbling from inside
it isn't that i tried so hard
my hopes were never that high

and why did i say i'd pick you up
i'll try but it's gonna take some luck

your face is a combination of things i hate
stuck together with masking tape
and a mind to not leave things alone

now i shall retire by the fireside
sleep is thrust on my from the drugs i tried
said i'd call you back well i guess i lied
and now i can't see straight
and i've never been happier


from River Deep, released November 11, 2013



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The Hicks Canyon Band California

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